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Rachel Maddow on Reconstruction

I don’t usually watch The Rachel Maddow Show but I happened to catch part of it last night. Maddow spent about 15 minutes reviewing some basic history of Reconstruction culminating in a discussion of the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act, which criminalized conspiracies to intimidate voters in federal elections. The Klan Act is currently the… Continue reading Rachel Maddow on Reconstruction

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A Note on the Difference between Words and Deeds

When the Access Hollywood tape hit the news a week ago, Donald Trump’s first reaction was classify his language “locker room talk” that was substantively different than action of such kind. His reminder about the difference between words and deeds is appropriate in this case, and indeed across the board in this election. Of course,… Continue reading A Note on the Difference between Words and Deeds