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Speaking Truth in a Post-Truth World

In the end, I think all this talk about Truth over the past couple of years is a very good thing.

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Stop the Hate? Responding to Charlottesville

The verdict is in: Americans won’t tolerate hate. This slogan, or some version of it, is all over social media as individuals and organizations respond publicly to this past weekend’s tragedy in Charlottesville, VA. Like the overwhelming majority of Americans, I was sickened by the cruel attack on pedestrians that resulted in an unnecessary and… Continue reading Stop the Hate? Responding to Charlottesville

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Racism and Welfare in America

Today I ran across a great article from The Atlantic about racism and the American welfare system. The author’s point is that the individual states are in control of which of their residents receive welfare benefits (called TANF—Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and those with substantial non-white populations tend to be more stingy with them.… Continue reading Racism and Welfare in America

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Where Have the Historians Gone?

One of the long-term consequences of Dylann Roof’s brutal attack in Charleston, SC back 2015 has been a reevaluation of the place of Confederate monuments and memorials in the Southern states. In the weeks following Roof’s attack, attention focused on Confederate flags still flying at Southern state capitols. The Southern Poverty Law Center began taking… Continue reading Where Have the Historians Gone?